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315 Survival voted the Best place to buy Arms and the Most Unique Business in The Mountain Jackpot's Best of 2024.

Updated: Mar 27

There may be no quicker way to get to know a community than by owning a business. When Christy and I moved to the area nearly six years ago one of the first businesses I frequented was Alpine firearms (America's best little gun store). My first time in the store Christy waited in the car and when I returned asked "so what did you think?". I said I think I found what I'm going to do or where I'm going to hang out ounce I'm retired. Christy laughed and asked what I meant. I said well it's just a bunch of retired old guys talking politics, about how things used to be and bitching about how much things have changed. I found my people.

Unfortunately for the Woodland Park / Teller community Alpine fire arms closed their doors last year. 315 Survival is more than pleased to take up the mantle of local shop for disgruntled old people (myself included) to hang out and vocalize their views on current events. We may host a slightly younger generation than that which frequented Alpine firearms but we are the next generation of that ilk.

One of the goals of our business has been to break down social barriers. Think of 315 Survival as the micro child of a Cabalas and an REI. We love the outdoors and do not believe that because you hunt and fish means you don't want to climb, ski, or kayak. Conversely many who love those other "REI" type activities find when exposed to guns that they really enjoy shooting sports. We seek to foster that exchange of ideas and skills, through training, tours, and experience.

We love our customers and our community. We rely heavily on your business, suggestions, and friendship. I can't overstate how great each of you all are and just how many friendships have been made do to 315 Survival.

We are grateful to you for your support and look forward to many years and friendships made in the future.

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