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  315 Survival's  STORY  
315ing It!

Born in the north country of NY,  315 Survival began when three U.S. service members stationed at FT Drum, NY recognized that they could improve the quality of life while in the backcountry as well as in combat by developing lightweight, dependable, American made equipment which wasn’t being designed,  developed, or marketed.  315 Survival is multifaceted in meaning. 315 is the area code in which founding member Eric Walker grew up as well as the area code where FT Drum is located and the idea for the company originated. In the heartland of NY where farmers, mountaineers, and sailors of the Saint Lawrence all experience extreme cold and mountains in the winter, its difficult to tell which takes more of a toll on the people, the weather or the methods of dealing with it.  The challenges of the region have made for a resourceful, hard working, and industrious people full of ingenuity.  The people of the area know how to make things work even if it doesn’t look pretty. When someone from the area makes a field expedient repair on a rusted out vehicle they demonstrate their ingenuity by “315ing it”. 

      315 is more than just an area code used as an adjective to describe the resourcefulness of a population.  315 also carries a deeper meaning for the company as it signifies that there are three founding members, five initial concepts of design, and one singular mission, the development of quality American made outdoor gear which generates solutions to the most demanding challenges faced while in the rugged back country. 

Giving Back
Our Mission

315 Survival has three main objectives:


1.  Survival Education.  We will offer survival skills education by offering packages at different levels with different skills taught.  We have bases of operation in both Colorado and Alaska.


2. Equipment Design: The designing of new outdoor equipment to aid in survival and quality of life while outdoors.


3. The sale of equipment we design and quality equipment from industry leaders at a reasonable price. This is accomplished trough both online retail and brick and mortar stores.  Equipment we use in our training courses and tours are thoroughly tested by our instructors and staff and may be purchased from our store. 

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