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315 Survival is pleased to partner with Hunters Supply soft cast air gun ammo.  

Hunters Supply 25 Caliber 48 grain Hollow Point Lead Bullet

Diameter .253

Over All Length .428

Ballistic Coefficient 0.118

Sectional Density 0.107

Tested with Power tuned 257 Texan Rifle, LSS 1258 velocity, 169 bullet kinetic energy (ft.lbf) 250 Bar = 3625 PSI fill. 

Also tested in Airforce Condor, Crosman Benjamin Marauder, and Sumatra.

Customer report works in the FX Crown 25 with a slug barrel liner and the new side-shot magazine.

Made in USA.

Airgun Depot Longranger testing the 25 Caliber at 205 yards.

Hunters Supply .25 48gr Hollow Point 100 Count

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