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Powerful Evanix Viper

The powerful Evanix Viper is an extremely accurate, high powered, semi-automatic PCP air pistol. The Viper sets the standard by which all PCP air pistols are measured. The fit, finish, and performance of the Evanix Viper is unmatched.

This amazing semi-automatic pistol is available in .177, .22, .25 and .30 caliber(s). The Viper comes with 2 magazines, but also has a double magazine available, giving the shooter up to 24 shots in one charge! The beautiful wood grips have checkered stippling, adding elegant styling that is also functional. The Viper is extremely well balanced and easy to shoot.

Shooting .22 pellets at over 610 feet per second, the Viper delivers plenty of power as well as tack driving accuracy.   Some users have modified the Viper to achieve higher speed.  In our testing, the Viper shot dime size 5 shot groups at 10 yards! Hitting one inch targets at 25 yards was no problem. The Evanix Viper is truly an exceptional PCP air pistol.

The Evanix Viper comes with open iron sights, but also has a 22mm picatinny rail to mount a pistol optic such as a red dot or reflex sight. The muzzle is threaded in 1/2 UNF, so the shooter can add any standard airgun moderator.

If you’re looking for the best PCP pistol available, that also happens to be semi-auto, there is no better choice than the Evanix Viper.


Evan Viper Pistol

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