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Remember the Acronym KISS (Keep IT Simple Stupid).  What could be more simple than lubricating your gun with a spray Silicone Spray.  Between that and felt pellets Air Gun Maintenance is the easiest and cleanest maintenance you can conduct.  PS we promise not to judge your inteligance for keeping it simple... However we can't make that same promise if you intentionaly make simple things difficult.  Take the easy way out buy this spray lubricante.


ASG ULTRAIR Silicone Oil Spray, 60ml

  • High-Performance Silicone Lubricant
  • Includes Plastic Straw for Focused Spray


Use this ASG ULTRAIR Silicone oil spray is specially designed to improve the functionality of magazines, hop-ups and to reduce the risk of jammed BBs. Each includes a plastic straw for spraying in tight spaces.




ASG ULTRAIR Silicone Oil Spray 60ml

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