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Thank you for shopping with 315 Survival a Veteran owned company.


Straight from Italy hand crafted with love.  These Alico leather Telemark Boots are the same boots we've been skiing for the past 8 years.  The Model Double features a removable insulated insert making this Telemark Boot ideal for multi day trips where you can pull the insert out and place in the foot box of your sleeping bag to don warm boots in morning.  That's why we here at 315 Survival love Alico's Model Double.  We've used in with Voile 3 pin bindings from New Hampshire to, New York, to Alaska, and Colorado with great control over our skis and zero cold weather injuries. If your looking for a quality leather 3pin Telemark boot this is it.


Thank you again for shopping with 315 Survival. 


Model: double 

Size: 43 / US Mens 9

Use: Telemark Skiing (cable / 3 Pin)

Insulation: Thinsulate

Color: Black

Upper: Leather

Sole: Vibram

Alico Model Double 3 Pin Telemark Boot

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