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The Zamberlan 1110 Baltoro Lite GTX RR combines technical performance with lightweight construction into a multi-purpose backcountry hiking and backpacking boot.

Similar to the 1000 Baltoro, the Baltoro Lite incorporates a slim design but instead leverages the famous and beloved Zamberlan ZBPK backpacking last for an unbeatable fit. The Baltoro Lite can be counted on as your high-performance companion for long backpacking and hunting trips in harsh backcountry conditions.

Features include:
▪ Perwanger leather uppers made from the very best leather available today. Perwanger uppers are ideal for durability and resistance against rocks, brush and harsh usage over time
▪ PU coated rubber rands on the toe box and heel enhance durability in harsh conditions while helping to prevent delamination
▪ The exclusive Zamberlan Vibram® Starlite outsoles feature lightweight EVA midsoles and the ever-popular StarTrek tread, featuring specific lugs designed for high traction in a variety of backcountry applications
▪ Resolable
▪ The ZBPK backpacking last is Zamberlan's most popular and well-regarded fit, allowing for excellent heel grip, comfortable over-the-top foot wrap, and a roomy toebox
▪ The 3mm nylon midsole allows for greater flex than the 1000 Baltoro for greater versatility of use
▪ Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membranes are guaranteed waterproof and breathable
▪ Anti-corrosion hardware with easy-pass design allows for less lace wear and tear on the laces
▪ The 620-gram weight is ridiculously light for the extreme level of support and performance
▪ Handcrafted in Italy


1110 BALTORO LITE GTX® RR Men's Backpacking


    High Mid - 8


    High Performance


    Perwanger® Leather With Hydrobloc® Treatment - Cordura®


    YES (Waterproof)


    1,8mm - 2,0mm


    GORE-TEX Performance Comfort


    Nylon 3mm + PE


    Double Density Molded EVA Midsole 


    Zamberlan® Vibram® Star Lite




    8 - 12, 13


    606 Gr (Misura/Size 42)


    ZBPK Performing Fit


    No (Not Insulated)



  • Size Charts

    * Updated May 18, 2022

    Jump to Size Chart:
    ZBPK - Men's & Women's Backpacking
    ZTECH - Men's & Women's Technical Fit
    ZWL - Men's Wide Last
    X-ACTIVE - Men's & Women's X-Active Fit


    The foot plays an important role in supporting the weight of the entire body as well as locomotion. The bones of the foot are arched longitudinally to help facilitate this support function. The transverse arch helps with movements of the foot. These movements help keep the sole (plantar surface) in contact with the ground despite the unevenness of the ground surface. They also work in concert with the ankle joint to help propel the foot off the ground during the toe-off portion of your gait.

    The engineering of our lasts and footwear construction take into account all the anatomical aspects of the foot, making it a true investment in your feet. This is why Zamberlan® engineered and created different lasts, based on the anatomical features of the foot and the requirements for various end-use applications.

    Generally, Zamberlan boots are all comfortable, not too long and have a good volume.


    To find out your Zamberlan footwear size, measure the distance from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. For a realistic measurement, do this while wearing a pair of socks.

    Here's how to do it:

    Place a sheet of paper on the floor and trace your foot with your heel against a wall, making sure to keep your foot perpendicular to the wall

    Measure the outline from the back of your heel to the front of your toes. 

    Find this measurement in the chart below, corresponding to the selected LAST for the model you are considering. Note, if you are between two measurements, use the next biggest cell to the right.

    Repeat these steps for both feet. If one foot is bigger than the other, order the size that fits your bigger foot.

    Follow the column down and find your Zamberlan US size.

    For more information, please see our Knowledge Center article "Getting the Best Fit and Finding Your Correct Size" 

    Tip #1:
    It is not uncommon for some Zamberlan customers to find their ideal size is 
    ½ size smaller than what they may use in their everyday footwear. While most find Zamberlan runs “true to size”, some have to size down by this ½ size to get an ideal fit.

    Tip #2:

    Due to the technical nature of our footwear, particularly the stiff midsoles in our backpacking boots, getting the correct size is of paramount importance. Get too big of a boot, and you may be subject to heel blisters caused by heel slippage. Get too small of a boot, and you may endure toe rubbing and cramping. 

    It pays to take your time and get it right! If you are not able to try on multiple sizes, try the tips and foot measuring approach detailed above.



    Generally speaking, lace sizes correlate to the specific boot for which they are purchased. However, in some cases, a boot that normally requires a specific lace size may require a longer lace if the boot size is on the right side of the size chart. For example, if you have a size 14 US 996 Vioz GTX, then instead of a 150cm lace, you will want a 175cm lace. The best way to ensure you have the correct replacement lace for your boot is to measure your existing lace. 


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