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Voile's Endeavor BC

The Product: Voile is unveiling a new ski for the 2023/24 ski season. The Endeavor and Endeavor BC (with traction base) is a Ultra Light Ski-Mo (Ski Mountaineering) ski that won't void its warranty if you choose to mount it with a Telemark binding. Based upon the Voile Objective it shares the same basic dimensions ( profile, side cut, Camber, and length options), as well as the same basic ride carrecteristics. The primary difference is in the ski's core construction and top sheet artwork. However, this ski is sure to provide those Telemark Skiers with a lightweight maneuverable option previously unavailable without purchasing the Objective and voiding its warranty. Like the Objective and Objective BC, the Endeavor and Endeavor BC has a notched tip to enabling the user to quickly affix Voile's Hyper Glide Objective Skins that are pre cut to the size of the available Endeavor / Objective Models. These skins are made of 70% Mohair and 30% nylon providing superior grip with great weight savings.

The Performance: When ordering I expressed concerns to the Sales Rep over the length of the ski. I weight in at over 200 lbs. without any gear and typically ski a 184cm ski. The longest version of the Endeavor or Endeavor BC is

178cm. The sales rep assured me that the skis would float me without any issues. After skiing it a few day's in the back country (late winter early spring) and a day in bounds at Breckenridge I have to say that the ski has near supernormal floatation characteristics given its only 84mm underfoot. These capabilities are more than likely due to a unique combination of high camber, early tip rise, and a bit of tip rocker. These things just want to climb out of the snow. On groomers, hard packed snow, or ice, these skis were still manageable with a Leather Tele Boot even though it takes much more effort and conditioning to get them on edge than it would with a plastic boot.

My Setup: I chose this ski because I like to be light and conduct long multi day tours. I like having a free heal and using a leather boot so that I can walk, climb, and drive in the same footwear that I ski. With that in mind I chose to mount these skis with the Voile Switchback Telemark binding and use my Alico Mod Double leather 75mm three pin boots. These boots are my go to and I have used them for many years. They have a leather outer shell and an inner boot that can be removed. This is especially important for multi day tours when temperatures dip extremely low making it easy to bring the inner boot into my sleeping bag with me to ensure a toasty warm boot in the morning. I chose to mount the Bindings 5mm back from the standard boot center as I wanted to ensure that these ski's wouldn't dive into the snow due to my fat ass over loading them. While I have skied and loved my Army version of the Icelantic Shaman Skinny for many years with a Tele Binding, this ski's maneuverability, flotation, and control even while using a leather Tele Boot has me sold on this being a one ski quiver.


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