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Savings by purchasing Hatsan Blitz from 315 Survival

Jamal Murphy, Blake Harris, and I had a great time this summer testing out the merits of the Hatsan Blitz a semi/fully Automatic Turkish made air rifle. While this airgun is offered on many websites through many companies, one advantage of ordering through 315 Survival is a leak test prior to shipment and the inclusion of a foster fitting adapter for the fill probe. Hatsan unfortunately does not ship the rifle with the adapter making it impossible to air up until you order an adapter. At 315 Survival we feel that is setting the customer up for failure. if purchased through our competitors you'd have to know to order the adapter costing you more money and perhaps more time. Not so when purchased at 315 Survival. Your Hatsan blitz will ship from 315 Survival with the adapter at no additional charge and will be leak tested prior to shipment.

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